Mixed Starter£4.95
Seekh kebab, lamb tikka, meat samosa

Sp Mix Platter£8.95
An assortment of aromatic flavours from tandoori chicken, lamb chops, seekh kebab, meat samosa, stir fried with onion & green peppers

Mixed Delight£7.95
An assortment of aromatic flavours from chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, onion bhaji, stir fried with onion & green peppers

Tandoori Lamb Chop£4.95
Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt & selected spices, barbecued in the clay oven

Shami Kebab£3.50
Minced lamb cooked with spices & then made into the shape of a burger

Sheek Kebab£3.50
Minced meat marinated with spices placed on skewers, cooked in clay oven

Chicken Tikka£3.20
Chicken marinated in herbs & spices with yoghurt, cooked in clay oven

Lamb Tikka£3.20
lamb marinated in herbs & spices with yoghurt, cooked in clay oven

Tandoori Chicken £3.10
Chicken on the bone marinated with tandoori spices, slow cooked in tandoori oven

Chicken Chat£2.95
Thin slices of chicken & cucumber prepared in chaat masala sauce releasing a distinctly tangy flavour

Chicken Chat Puri£3.50
Chicken chaat served with fried bread

Chicken Pakora£2.95
Chicken mixed in egg with pakora sauce & deep fried

Crab Puri£3.95
Hot, sweet & sour spiced crab served on top of a deep fried puree bread

Chicken Stuffed Pepper£3.95
Chicken whole green pepper stuffed & barbecued in clay oven

Prawn Puri£3.50
Prawns cooked in a spicy medium sauce. Served with deep fried, puffed thin bread

King Prawn Butterfly£4.50
King prawn marinated in light spices & wrapped in breadcrumbs & deep fried

King Prawn Puri£4.50

Tandoori Chingri£4.50
Marinated king prawn with tandoori masala then chargrilled

Cafe Fish£4.95
Fillet of pangash fish fried in medium spice, garnished with fried onions & peppers

Cafe Fish Tikka£4.95
Marinated fish, slow cooked in clay oven

Mass Bora£4.95
Indian spicy fish cake

Chicken Samosa£2.95

Meat Samosa£2.95

Vegetable Samosa£2.95

Vegetable Mix£3.50
Onion bhaji vegetable pakora & vegetable samosa

Onion Bhaji£2.95
Finely chopped onion, coriander prepared in lentil with selected spices deep fried

Garlic Mushroom£2.95
Mushrooms fried with garlic & some selected herbs

Saag Aloo Bora£3.50
Spinach & potatoes medium spice & deep fried

Paneer Tikka£3.20
Cubed paneer cooked in tandoori

Vegetable Pakora£2.95
Mixed vegetable in egg with pakora sauce. Deep fried

Mushroom Pakora£2.95
Mushroom dipped in pakora sauce. Deep fried

Reshmi Kebab£3.50
Mushroom dipped in pakora sauce. Deep fried

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